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One of the most powerful resources is People. Hence managing it and developing it is a challenge.

Nyayiru Academy , a training organization is founded by VGRamaswami Business Coach & Trainer in the year 2016. Shri.Ramaswami with his 40 years experience in sales, marketing & HR has set a vision for Nyayiru Academy and is collaborating with other Training Organizations and Freelance trainers forexecuting training modules different organizations and different sector. Taking the universal
phenomenon of Change, Nyayiru Academy also is dynamic for effecting changes in the content, delivery and in all the facets of training for appreciable result to the clients.

Nyayiru Academy is located in Chennai & Mumbai but has representation Pan India for taking training projects. As the saying goes Nyayiru Academy shall start from the end by identifying expected results and provide the layout and design of the programs.

The participants will have a complete handouts and clear flow of agenda and the delivery of the each module to enhance the available experience of the partici pant to a higher level.

We ensure sustained behavior change and drive increased personal performance.  View all Programs

Long term Vision and individual aspiration is the only secret for Personal Excellence
</p> <p class="text-theme-colored">It is not the IQ but the EQ distinguishes the normal performer and the star performer.</p> <p>
Functioning of effective team is the heart from sports to Management.

Top Skills Every Employers Want Analytical and Research Skillstivity